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Ohart, them golden slippers! 18x15"



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Golden Slippers, 18x15”, deep green mat in heavy dark gold frame, no glassFor several years before he died, Daddy slowly withdrew into himself. He spoke when spoken to, and often re-told some of his best old stories, but usually was happy to work his crossword puzzle and just let us visit with Mama. One day I took one of my angel projects with me to work on while we chatted. I was having a terrible time making her bare feet look real, and I remarked on that to Mama. Daddy suddenly looked up and said, “When we go to Heaven, we’ll all have golden slippers on our feet; she shouldn’t be barefooted.” I was so surprised that he was following our conversation, and that he had solved my problem! And he was absolutely right. Ever since then, if you see feet of any of my angels, you will see golden slippers on them. This piece is for Daddy. $150, golden slippers

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