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Royal Angelfemale angel, 13x16"female angel, open framingfemale angel, no glass



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Royal Angel 13x16”, open framing, no glass Vintage metallic embroidery is the highlight of this showpiece. It was given to me by my friend and lace collector Doris Dickinson. A retired designer of luxurious nurseries and boudoirs, she till owns some incredible materials. We became friends over a mutual love for lace, and she has generously shared some truly special pieces with me. Such was the case with this piece of gold threadwork on muslin. Pressed flat, it seemed to be a decorative applique topped with a bow. But as I looked at it, the loops of the bow began to turn into wings, and the applique design into a bell-skirted gown. All a well-dressed angel would need was some rich 3-dimensional lace to finish off her hem. I pictured Queen Isabella of Spain somehow, so I gave her dark Spanish hair, and I imagined her hurrying along a dim, secret corridor of her castle, participating in some deep intrigue. $225, metallic embroidery

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