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Autumns Shades of Green



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"Autumn’s Shades of Green" is part of my “Autumn’s Glory" series. It is set* of four glass leaf dishes inspired by Fall in the Adirondacks. Each piece measures approximately 4 1/4" x 6” x 1/4". The glass is specially selected iridescents and ring mottles, a glass pioneered by Tiffany and LaFarge for its ability to create realistic looking shadows, sunspots and organic life. There are four separate colors, each a different reflection of Autumn.The pieces are food safe. The set makes a delightful hostess gift. I have used them as individual soap dishes, nut dishes, or butter dishes spread throughout the table, and for the delightful Italian tradition of bread dipping in seasoned oil. They are equally happy just decorating the table or hearth and being admired for Nature's unique beauty and soul-whispers.I have washed similar pieces in the dishwasher but recommend the loving care of hand-washing.The set comes with a gift card telling its story and the artisan's statement, a gift box and my hope that it brings the keeper joy. Joyce*If you would like my Etsy shop to offer these as single dishes, please write me. I always want to know of my customer’s preferences and will do what I can to match them.**If you are planning a particularly grand feast and need additional sets they can be made withspecial order given two weeks.

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