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Impressions of Autumn



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"Impressions of Autumn" is from my series "Autumn’s Glory." It is a 8 x 8 x 3/4 inch dish inspired by Fall in the Adirondacks. The glass is specially selected ring mottles, a glass pioneered by Tiffany and LaFarge for its ability to create realistic looking shadows, sunspots and organic life. This glass reminds me of the Impressionists’ work….drawing your imagination into the art form. If you let it, your soul will see reflections of trees, clouds, waterfalls and even wildlife!The piece makes a delightful holder of fresh fruit or a side-dish. It is equally happy holding candy, a floating candle, flower blooms or just being admired for its beauty and its soul-whispers.I have washed similar pieces in the dishwasher but recommend the loving care of hand-washing.The piece comes with a gift card telling its story and the artisan's statement, a gift box and my hope that it brings the keeper joy. joyce

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