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Late one night, an aging gravedigger rushed along the village lane. He hurried faster than it seemed he should be able to and within minutes he burst into the door of his own little cottage. His wife was sitting by the fire with their cat, Old Simon, curled up on her lap."Oh, you won't believe what I've just seen! You won't believe it!" He started in without sitting down or hanging up his hat. "I was about done digging old Mrs. Northrup's grave when I heard a faint 'meow', so I peeked up over the edge of the grave--""Meow," said Old Simon."Yes! Meow!," continued the gravedigger, "and there was the craziest thing! A tiny funeral procession made up all of--" He hesitated and looked at Old Simon."Of what? You've got me all excited now," said the old woman."Of cats! Nine cats and they was carrying a little coffin!""No!" she said. "You're pulling my leg!""No, I swears I'm not, Maggie! Nine cats and a little coffin with a little inlaid crown right on the lid! And every few steps they all would wail out together 'Meow!'""Oh, my goodness," said his wife."Meow!" said Old Simon."Yes!" said the gravedigger, "like that! And there was a big one out in front, leading the eight that were doing the carrying, and he looked right at me and his eyes were shining in the moonlight, Maggie! Oh, it was so eerie-- that cat he kind of like looked at me like he's looking at me now," and the gravedigger waved towards Old Simon."Never mind him. What happened then?" Maggie and the cat were both sitting up straight now, leaning in."Well, they were coming kind of slow, but he kept looking at me-- that big one-- and they were all crying 'Meow'--""Meow!" said Old Simon."Yes, crying 'Meow', they came right up to the edge of Mrs. Northrup's grave and stopped and that big one, he looked right at me, Maggie, and I felt so chilled. Made me feel kind of like Old Tom is making me feel now-- look at him, Maggie!""Oh, never you mind him, Joe! What happened?" said Maggie."That big cat, he came right up to me, and his shining eyes were looking down at me, you know, on account of I was still down in the grave. He looks down at me and he says in this squeaky voice-- He says to me 'Tell Simon Sureclaw that Solomon Sureclaw's dead!' I don't even know a single Sureclaw! Can you think of any Sureclaws, Maggie?"But just then Maggie let out a cry, because Old Simon had jumped right off her lap and stood straight up on his hind legs like he was ready to preach a Sunday sermon. What came out was no sermon, though, but a loud caterwaul and then a laugh! A laugh-- can you imagine?The gravedigger and his wife stared, dumbstruck, as the cat laughed again and cried out "Ha! Old Solomon is finally dead, huh?! Well, that makes me the King O' the Cats!" and with that he scrambled up the chimney and skittered across the roof and was never seen again.One might speculate that he's living still now, attended by tabbies and eating many fat mice, living out his days as the King O'Cats.***** "King O'Cats" was created using watercolors and ink.* This listing is for an signed, professional-quality giclée image of my original painting printed on 8.5x11 inch archival paper.* The print is on archival acid-free fine art paper using archival-quality pigment-based inks.* You can frame the print at the raw paper size of 8.5x11 inches or trim it down to the image and signature and frame at the standard photo size of 8x10.* It arrives packaged in an acid-free, cellophane sleeve with a chipboard backing and is mailed in a stiff, cardboard mailer.Shipping:Orders over $35 receive free domestic shipping! Orders of multiple prints/cards will received a discounted combined shipping rate! If Etsy doesn't automatically do this in the calculated shipping, I will still combine your items and refund your shipping overage. If you have any questions about what combined shipping might be, just ask!Local Pick-up:If you are local to me (Vienna, WV), and would like to arrange to pick-up your items, just send me a convo letting me know what you would like to purchase and I will create a reserve listing(s) for you with free shipping. Or, if you prefer, add a message to your order at time of purchase and I will refund your shipping charges. Either way, I'm happy to arrange for local pick-ups!Types of Prints:I have a shop section designated for giclée prints, but all of my prints are printed to using archival, pigment-based inks on a professional-quality inkjet printer using acid-free fine art paper., witch art

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